So I’ve just spend a good portion of my alloted time on WoW for the night chasing after various female NPCs in Dalaran, current mingling grounds of WoW. It wasn’t until a couple of minutes ago, after finding a female Tauren and Orc and chasing them around while waiting on the cooldown of my flower basket to run its course, that it struck me: I’ve spent the better part of an hour stalking female avatars in WoW, waiting for my chance to put bunny ears on their heads. I realise that part of the difficulty of the associated achievement lies in effectively finding and ‘tagging’ players of the opposite faction without being able to talk to them, but that lack of communication is also part of what made me feel not so comfortable with what I was doing. Following someone around town without talking to them, with the purpose of showering them with unwanted attention, doesn’t seem like a good thing to promote in-game. The fact that the players behind those avatars might have been women who, chances are, have had to deal with some form of sexual harrassment in real life as well, that just nails the lid on the coffin.

Ah, the weird things these games make us think of. ..