Cryptic, NCSoft, SOE and Gajillion have reached an agreement to make Champions Online, City of Heroes/Villains, DC Universe Online, and Marvel Universe Online compatible with each other. Deciding that it would suit their business needs and would fit in with series crossovers, the four developers have agreed to place all 4 MMOs in ‘parallel continuities’ (akin to Marvel’s and DC’s penchant for alternate realities, as exemplified by Marvel’s classic ‘What if…?’ comic series). Players will be able to purchase any of the above mentioned MMOs, and after attaining a certain level, will be able to travel between the four ‘worlds’ by means of time machines, interdimensional vortices, wormholes, and assorted other means. Also, all 4 games to become free-for-all permadeath PvP so the age old antagonism between fans of the rival comic book publishers can finally settle once and for all who kicks more ass.

More news as they become available.