I recently followed a link to Man bytes Blog and discovered Blogs of the Round Table. After reading a few of the January and February entries I was hooked – Corvus’s ‘a lego orange’ would be a great example of what I was talking about when I wrote the piece on legitimacy, a game that depicts violence without glorifying it, and allows the player to experience that truth withouth the real consequences. Also, his  ‘an incomplete life’ for the February BoRT is definitely close to what I had in mind when I posited a game that put the player in the shoes of an African American slave in the pre-Civil War years. Among the many excellent entries, Hero’s Blade is probably one of my favourites on paper.

The March edition of BoRT continues the literary theme, this time focusing on aspects of authorship. Now I’m wishing I’d discovered this earlier this year so I’d had a chance to get in on this sooner.