February 2009

Not much is said in the clip about tech specs, MPG, emissions, and so forth, but it does look appealing.

Both PSN and XBOX Live have a bunch of games available for download these days, a lot of them straight ports from the first consoles rereleases of classic games that helped shape the videogame industry into what it is now. Like in Hollywood, there’s a lot of ReanimationRecycling… reviving of old IPs going on.


For the longest time, since back in the days when I played EQ, I had this conviction that maybe the activities players undertake in MMO’s could be harnessed to affect the real world. I’ve thought about the subject a few times, but never really sat down and tried to come up with a practical example of how it might work, but yesterday, a news piece on Kotaku jolted the idea from it’s dusty shelf in the back of my mind and into the grinder of conscious thought. (more…)

Brian Green has  a piece on the ‘legitimacy’ of the gaming industry as a medium over on Gamasutra. It’s a couple of days old, and there’s been a lot of discussion on the subject, but it’s taken me this long to put my throughts in order on the matter.

To me the article brings up a couple of valid points, and it isn’t ‘How can we be more like Hollywood?’. Mr. Green is asking a number of different questions on several different levels. More than ‘How can we be more like movies?’, I think he’s asking ‘How can we reach the current level of penetration that movies and music have attained?’, ‘How can we become more culturally relevant?’, ‘How can we get non-gamers to take us more seriously?’. The parallel to movies is drawn because just about everyone in the world who can watches movies. There are movies for all tastes. Try to think of any group of people (men, women, singles, sports fans, etc), and try to think of a movie that group of people might be interested in watching. Chances are you’ll be able to name at least 1 for every category you can think of, except a very few (vegans, wiccans, hmm, this might be a fun game to play…). (more…)