Via Slashdot, news comes that our beloved leaders are once again pulling rabbits out of thin air – not to mention their exhaust holes – and telling us that in order to fight the burgoning energy/oil crisis, we can and must rely on Nuclear power to save the day. Woop de doo.

I mean seriously, Nuclear Power might have cut our reliance on coal, oil and gas, but think about it for a minute. The current hysteria about global warming – and it is hysteria, with people crapping their pants left right and centre and the usual snake oil vendors making the most of the situation – has come from our realisation that the climate is changing due to our activities in the last 150 years or so. Put simply, back in the 18th century when we started burning coal and other stuff to power the industrial revolution, no one had the foresight of wondering what would happen to all that black smoke that was being pumped out of the smokestacks. But fast forward a couple hundred years, and here we are, still burning oil because all of our infrastructures rely on it. It’s exactly the same story with nuclear power. Yes, we can vitrify the waste and store it deep in the earth, but how long will that work? Considering that some of the stuff we’re cooking up has a half-life in the tens of thousands of years, isn’t it somewhat naive to think that if we dig a deep enough hole we can throw all our crap in there and never worry about it again? I mean, seriously. Tens of thousands of years. Millions of years? Have the studies undertaken taken into account continental drift, plate tectonics, geological activity as a whole? Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but if I remember my high school geography correctly, mountains are formed when two tectonic plates push against each other, forcing the earth’s crust upwards. So, maybe, burying stuff under a mountain isn’t the brightest idea? And thank goodness the whole proposal to bury it all at the bottom of the bloody sea didn’t pan out. Rather than worrying about the fact that there’s no fish left in the sea, we’d be back to the age of sail, worrying about the sea monsters coming up to eat us.

/rant off