No, the title does not refer to a magical cat neighbour, but rather to the news that the MMO Bioware Austin has been working on is Knights of the Old Republic Online. Which is great news, in one sense, worrying news in another, and kinda scary news in yet another.

Great news is that we can look forward to another Sci-Fi MMO, which is always good. Not to mention it’s made by Bioware, so chances are the storylines, quests, and writing for it are going to be above-par.

Worrying news in that it’s the second Star Wars MMO. There are a number of connotations to this, which I will explore later.

Scary news, in that this is the second MMO EA controls that is due out in the near future. It only just dawned on me after reading the announcement what portion of the MMO-near future EA holds in it’s hands.

More later.