July 2008

Rune Factory. It’s a lot of fun. It’s everything you expect from a Harvest Moon game, but with the added fun of dungeons (which, once overcome, act like semi-dangerous greenhouses). There’s a few things in there that I’d been juggling in my head for a game, in a similar yet not identical form. If anything, if the sales for Rune Factory and the up and coming Rune Factory 2 are good, that just tells me there’s at least a niche market for that kind of game.

So it looks like the Cybersports folks have been slaving away since I last saw them at GDC Austin last year, and they have something to show for their efforts. It looks really good, and it’s going to be free, so I’d keep my eye out for this one.

And yes, football.

No, the title does not refer to a magical cat neighbour, but rather to the news that the MMO Bioware Austin has been working on is Knights of the Old Republic Online. Which is great news, in one sense, worrying news in another, and kinda scary news in yet another.

Great news is that we can look forward to another Sci-Fi MMO, which is always good. Not to mention it’s made by Bioware, so chances are the storylines, quests, and writing for it are going to be above-par.

Worrying news in that it’s the second Star Wars MMO. There are a number of connotations to this, which I will explore later.

Scary news, in that this is the second MMO EA controls that is due out in the near future. It only just dawned on me after reading the announcement what portion of the MMO-near future EA holds in it’s hands.

More later.

Another Square Enix post, this one related to Song Summoner. This time it’s a new IP, and the platform is the iPod, of all things. The character creation system – using songs on your iPod to ‘summon’ a unit – probably works in the same way as Monster Rancher, or Barcode Battler. I’ve always had a soft spot for games that create game data from something completely unrelated. Someone should come up with a game that gets the spam emails you get and transforms the data therein into units in a virtual army you use to fight others. Now that would be a good use for my inbox and bandwidth.

Square Enix is FINALLY rereleasing CT. At some point in the future. Maybe. I’m being cautious on purpose, I don’t want to set myself up for a fall if they decide not to port it Stateside. Which they might do, God knows why, but they might. Interesting trend, since Xenogears is getting released on PSN in Japan sometime soonish. Perhaps they too have realised that the world needs more major RPG IP releases every year, and they are testing the waters out, seeing how viable some of the old classics are. Whatever the reason, all I can say is OOH, YEAH.

Final thought: I played the original CT in Japanese, so if it doesn’t get released Stateside, I’ll just have to acquire a japanese copy. IIRC, the DS doesn’t have region issues, does it?